February 1, 1994

Russ Randell
Standard Steel Fabricating Co.
P.O. Box 80907
Seattle, WA 98108

Subject: Kenworth-Renton Truck Plant

Dear Russ:

I want to personally thank you for the outstanding job your firm did on the Kenworth-Renton Truck Plant. The dedication and commitment exhibited by your firm had a direct impact on the success of this project. Knowing firsthand the number of design changes and other challenges incurred during construction, your performance is commendable. The construction community has taken notice of the accomplishments represented by this project, and we should all be proud of this recognition.

This was an important project for a successful and internationally-known producer of superior trucks. With your help, Lease Crutcher Lewis was able to turn over this new facility to the owner on time and within budget. They are extremely satisfied with the finished product and are very impressed with the lack of warranty encountered to date in comparison to other facilities they have constructed. This is a tribute to the skilled workers and quality craftsmanship provided by your firm.

Knowing that your firm will go the extra mile and expend 110% effort as a team player working towards a common goal is appreciated. We are sincerely grateful for your performance on this project and we look forward to teaming up together on other projects in the future.


Best regards,

James P Crutcher